Deb was kneeling by a gravestone she is always drawn to. It is for a 12 year old girl who is buried next to her husband. Deb asks, "How old were you when you married a 12 year old girl?" Shortly after you hear, "We were both 12."

Deb and Laura went to their favorite cemetery. Deb had on her Lizzie Borden shirt with the hatchet logo. As they were walking Deb says hi to Lucinda whose headstone she was walking by and then you hear "hatchets".

  • We Were Both Twelve0:06

  • Hatchets0:09

This is a spirit box session at the Borden grave site in Fall River Mass. Listen for Deb to tell Lzzie about the picture she saw, after that you clearly hear Lizzie say "Laddy Boy". The name of her dog was Laddy Miller

‚Äč*Please note there is some foul language as Mr Borden tends to swear when responding through the spirit box.

  • Lizzie Borden/Laddy Boy - Voice Box6:17